Use your talents to best advantage

At Finance Active, we attach great importance to the integration of new employees, with a personalised reception and training course in our professions, which ensures that they quickly increase their skills from their first months of activity.


Our training and active internal mobility policy for our employees meets their professional aspirations and forms part of a sustainable and rewarding collaboration.


To support our development, we are recruiting both beginner and experienced profiles. For all profiles, we offer attractive careers in our 3 skills centres:


Consulting & Services

Sales & Marketing

Technology et R&D


employees in France and internationally


of turnover is invested in R&D each year

Consulting & Services

Consultants working very closely with the activities of our clients
As the privileged interlocutor of financial managers, your main duties consist of providing personalised support to our international clients, proposing solutions and providing them with know-how. Your missions, which are of a technological nature (deployment, interfaces, training,…) and a financial nature (risk audits, analyses of financial situations, help with decision-making, expert appraisal,…), ensure that our clients are satisfied and remain with us.

Descubra las ofertas

Jessica, Consulting
"I work in full autonomy on all debt management issues for my customer portfolio, which includes mayor local authorities. I like customer relationship associated with these technical aspects, which really make me feel useful. As a consultant, I provide my clients with tailored assistance in monitoring financial indicators, using the platform and analyzing financial strategies relating to their loans."

-Jessica, Financial Consulting

Grégoire, Consultant Manager
"Want to change your job? It's possible! 3 years after I joined Finance Active as a sales engineer, I had the opportunity to become a consultant, then manager."

-Grégoire, Consultant Manager

Sales & Marketing

To analyse the needs and expand the business
As part of our development strategy, you contribute to broadening our client base through an active process of analysis, requirements identification and prospecting to financial departments. After in-depth training in our products, you will be in charge of the deployment of our services in one of our various business sectors.

Descubra las ofertas

Alexandra, Sales Manager
"Very quickly, I was able to develop numerous skills thanks to the values of Finance Active, which are based on knowledge sharing and synergy between teams.The environment of trust and the employee autonomy let me fulfil my potential in my work every day.Over the last year and a half, I have had the opportunity to work on different projects thanks to the constant development of the company."

-Alexandra, Sales Engineer

Olivier, Sales Manager
"In joining Finance Active, I chose to join an organisation on a human scale and meet a new challenge. Finance Active deals with innovative and dynamic subjects that play a full part in a constantly-evolving economic and financial situation. This demanding environment drives us to acquire new skills and makes us constantly improve. I arrived in 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis and I now manage a team on an international sector."

-Olivier, Sales Manager Corporate

Technology & R&D

Finance Active is among the most dynamic companies in the field of SaaS-mode financial platforms in Europe. Finance Active's Technology & R&D department groups a team of 40 analysts and experts in quantitative finance, software and systems engineering, who work closely with our teams of consultants and our clients.

Descubra las ofertas

Ludovic, software engineer
"It's pleasant to work in an environment where the business and technical teams work together to develop the projects. I appreciate this proximity, which helps us to enhance our expertise and take a continuous improvement approach. Over the last eight years, I have been working within this stimulating environment where the projects are rewarding at the technical and methodological levels and where we do not hesitate to test new technologies and new ways of working."

-Ludovic, Software Engineer

Olivier, software engineer
"By joining Finance Active, I was seeking to work on long-term projects and see the solutions that I develop evolve from day-to-day. At Finance Active, I appreciate the opportunity of discovering new technologies and being supported in putting new ideas in place."

-Olivier, Software Engineer