Management of secured debt

Optimize the management of secured debt while complying with the various regulatory constraints imposed upon local authorities thanks to a tailored online solution and the advice of experts.

A unique solution and tailored support for the management of the secured debt of local authorities


Complex and changing regulations, laborious daily monitoring,… The management of secured debt can be a headache for local authorities. What do you do to optimize it and control it easily without getting lost in it?

With the Alliance platform, Finance Active has developed a solution specifically dedicated to this issue, while adding the support of experts. They assist you with updates, provide you with assistance and regulatory or financial opinions and help you to measure the interest-rate risks of a secured loan.

More than 500 regions, public establishments for intermunicipal cooperation and municipalities have already adopted it

Simplify the monitoring of your secured debt

Alliance-suiviIn just a few clicks, you obtain:

  • all the loan guarantees
  • the outstanding balance by category or guarantee beneficiary
  • the maturity profiles of the secured debt
  • your interest-rate risks detailed according to a precise analysis grid
  • your payment schedules valued, with automatic updating

Access the regulations

Direct access:

  • to the regulatory texts in force on the granting of loan guarantees
  • to the permanent calculation of your prudential ratios (Galland law)

Publish your reports easily

Alliance-reportingYou can publish:

  • strategic reports: dashboards, summaries,…
  • regulatory reports: debt statements in the statutory format or in dematerialised versions

Benefit from operational expert advice

expert-telOur back office managers:

  • perform the initial configuration from the CDC file
  • update your database on an ongoing basis

Our consultants:

  • provide assistance in monitoring the regulations
  • help to evaluate the interest-rate risk of a guaranteed loan

"Thanks to Alliance by Finance Active, the Ville de Valenciennes can finally structure secured debt management."

— M. CARTON Deputy CFO of the town of Valenciennes

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