Debt and investment management for social housing providers

Optimize debt and investment management for social housing with a solution that simplifies monitoring and helps to take the right decisions.

The online solution tailored for debt and investment management


How can you properly manage debt and investment? To cope with it, Finance Active is offering the Insito Social Housing solution, specially developed for financial departments wishing to manage their debt and their investments. Key benefits: financial performance and optimised monitoring. 

An operational solution
for monitoring debt and choosing investments

Benefit from operational expert advice

expert-telOur dedicated consultants:

  • Prepare debt audit reports and situate yourself in relation to comparable entities
  • Assist you in restructuring, CDC and bank debt transactions
  • Provide their expertise in choosing the best investment products according to your management constraints
  • Propose financial strategies
  • Alert you to market intervention levels
  • Help you to select banks and negotiate with them
  • Invite you to privileged business events

Value your transactions in real-time

insito-habitat-captureYou are continuously connected to the financial markets and you can access:

  • Interest rate quotations: bank rates, government rates, floating rates, inflation rates and economic indicators
  • Historical, current and forecast values in the markets for the French Livret A savings account, inflation and standard rates
  • The valuation of your positions at market conditions
  • An information letter dedicated to social housing providers

Evaluate and simulate:

  • Strategies for use of borrowing or hedging
  • Bank margins
  • The probabilities of threshold crossing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Stress tests

Simplify the monitoring of your debt

avantage_suiviIn just a few clicks, you obtain:

  • All of your CDC loans, your bank or fundraising loans, your hedging,… with summary reports and scanned contracts
  • Your outstanding balance, your average funding rates and your repayment profiles
  • Your risks detailed according to a precise analysis grid: livret A, inflation, euribor, fixed…
  • Your financial fees, your calculations of interest accrued and non-accrued
  • Your liquid assets, bank counterparties and contractual notice periods
  • Your payment schedules are valued with automatic CDC loan conversion to current value

Publish your reports easily

Alliance-reportingYou can publish:

  • Strategic reports: dashboards, summaries, detailed audits,…
  • Financial reports: funding valuation reports, consolidated risk statements, economic notes,…
  • The Finance Active monitoring guide on the debt of social landlords, a genuine reference tool for the housing sector, with more than 150 social housing providers analysed

"What I appreciate most about our collaboration with Finance Active is the responsive attitude of the team, always ready to answer our needs, and their real expertise. This is very important."

— Françoise Peyré Treasury Manager at RRP

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