Management of financial forecasting for local authorities

Improve the management of financial forecasting in the local public sector with our online solution, designed to provide enhanced control of investments.

A simple and reliable online solution to manage financial forecasting


Financial forecasting represents one of the major issues for the local public sector. But how can its management be optimised? Rule number one: control information. Rule number two: have good visibility over the finances of the local authority.

With the Inviseo solution, Finance Active provides financial decision makers with detailed reports of their investment simulations. Key benefit: better understanding of their local authority’s investment possibilities. They thus improve the control of planned investments.

A dedicated and secure solution
to monitor investments

Inviseo to get started quickly

inviseo-simpleWith its simple and easy-to-use ergonomics, Inviseo lets you quickly generate the first forecasting scenarios and compare them.

The solution has an interface with Insito:

  • All the information related to the debt maturity profile is fully interfaced and updated automatically.
  • A Multi-Annual Investment Plan (PPI) module also lets you manage projects and integrate them into your scenarios, to optimise your forecasting.

Inviseo for a solution that suits you

inviseo-sur-mesureAs it can be easily personalised, Inviseo adapts to your way of working. The data can be entered at the level of the budgetary item and detailed as much as necessary.

For each scenario, Inviseo lets you generate detailed reports to better understand and communicate the results of your investment simulations. The reports can be modified in Word and the main technical terms are explained.


Benefit from operational expert advice

expert-telFinance Active makes an expert consultant available to users of the Inviseo solution. With them, each year you perform:

  • a forecasting scenario,
  • a commented report on the database worked upon,
  • an estimate of grants to anticipate forthcoming funding.

At the same time, you benefit from a presentation of the draft finance law for the year.

"We took part in a one-day training programme associated with the “Inviseo” offer. Thanks to the financial strategy proposed by our Finance Active consultant, we could define the action plans with regards to financial perspective."

— M. Roussarie Deputy Managing Director - Functional Unit, conurbation of Châtellerault

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